Positive progression technology, rational and details
  • Somebody please explain to me the logic behind a positive progression? Honestly, I don’t get it. I suspect that one can gain an edge using positive progression. – Is that true?

    If you don’t get streaks you stand no chance. A choppy game is a killer for a positive progression. Now, as we all know the game of blackjack is a choppy game and not much streaks. So, how can a positive prog gain the edge. You cannot offset the W/L ration betting in pos prog. Also, what is the rational behind the 4QP? How come quitting after 4 losses in a row, one gets the edge? - From where that edge is coming from?

    I would appreciate to have an explanation and see what is the rational behind this method of play. I am very interested in this because I have big plans that after this weekend I will drop my own system because I just find out recently that is of no good. So, I’m anxious to get myself involved with positive progression technology from now on.
    See, if I can squeeze a buck or two out of.

    Please communicate,
  • In the long run, positive progressions are the same as negative progressions which are the same as flat betting. No one has ever made a living by progression betting.

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