Bad Strategy pop quiz
  • You are at a table with a person apparantly playing basic making some unusual plays. If that player IS playing basic, which one of these plays loses the LEAST compared to the Basic Strategy decision. For example a player that hits 11 when the dealer shows a 10-value loses 6 bets per 100 as opposed to the correct decision of Doubling. Which of these is the best mistake to make?

    --> UPDATED: sorry, I forgot that the conditions are 6-deck Dealer Stands soft 17, DOA DAS.
  • The best mistake to make of those listed is SPLIT 2's vs. 8... it loses 2%
    Next up is either SPLIT 6's vs. 7 or HIT 10 vs. 9... each is -3.2%
    The worst was to stand on 9's vs. 2 it loses 7.5%

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