Casino Profits - 8 Deck vs 6 Deck
  • Would a casino make more profits dealing a 6D vs 8D with the following rules in all Pits?
    6 Deck...3/2, 75% Pen, DOA, DAS, LS, RSA, S17
    8 Deck...same rules

    I assume the casino would make more money dealing 8 Deck.

    Is this true, or would increased play by dealing 6D eventually over take 8 Deck in casino profits?

    Thanks for any opinions or facts.

  • I've worked in the casino long enough to understand the simple logic regarding how casinos make those tremendous profits. The more games played, the bigger the income generated. This is where speed of the games comes in aid of the house advantage. A 6D shoe may be faster to deal and get over with, but compared to an 8D shoe, it consumes a significant amount of time in shuffling every shoe in the long run because of the shuffling frequency. An 8D shoe will play more games and consume less shuffle time in the long run. In this view, I would say an 8D shoe makes more profit than a 6D shoe. But with concerns to dealing with card counters, shuffle trackers, ace-trackers and player-bias/luck, a 6D shoe will yield more profit because of the shorter shoe play and frequency of shuffles. A favorable shoe for the player could end faster and reset the stats in favor of the house advantage. That is why, personally, I prefer to play 8D shoes over 6D eventhough the same scenario applies when a favorable shoe for the house is being dealt.

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