More Bad Strategy...
  • The following bad plays were actually wittnessed by me during play at a 4-deck S17 DOA DAS LS table for $15 minimum TODAY. Which one of these beauties is the WORST. And boy there are some bad one here.

    It should be known that I'm not the one making these plays, but 1 person at the table made 3 of the 4 on successive hands, which lost full bets on 2 and surrendered the 3rd... and they were sizeable.
  • i dont know which is the worst statistically, but I know that hitting 6-9 against a 3 looks the dunbest. even those with minimal BS awareness stand on 15 against a 3.

    my guess for worst statistically would be standing on 8-8
  • Tough poll N&B. I'd have to agree with Michael about the 8's. Though they're all terrible plays. Im interested to see the stats.

  • Polls closed and the winner is 8-8 vs 4. One takes a 22% winner and turns it into a 21.5% loser by standing. A difference of 43.5% to the bad.

    Hit 6-9 vs 3 and stand on 6-6 vs 3 are about the same... about a 15% loser compared to correct strategy. Although hitting 15 looks dumber than standing on the pair of 6's.

    The surrender of 9-5 vs. Ace is actually about the same as hitting 11 vs 10... a 6% loser.

    By the way the player that went 3 in a row didn't split the pairs and surrendered.

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