Professional play for Single Deck
  • Playing single deck, H17, DOA, 3 players, 3 rounds, there is a small house advantage off the top.

    Assuming you are counting, you would bet your MAX bet off the top, you have very little to lose at this point, is almost an even proposition bet. If the count went up, you would cut the bet in half and continue to flat bet with half of the original MAX as long as the count stay positive. If the count gets negative you would go to another table where the dealer is shuffling up, you would then repeat the scenario. You are now "Wonging" a Single Deck with camouflage between without detection from the house.

    If they follow your play, they will discover that you actually decrease your original opening bet when the count goes up.
    You also don’t have to memorize any negative strategy numbers. Just master the positive numbers plus Insurance. You will bet on neutral count only once after the shuffle.

    Play this way with big denomination chips. Bankroll of about 3,000 units. Make the Max bet of 10 units after the shuffle and continue with 5 units as long as the count is positive. Your average bet during positive is 5 units for a total action of 165 units and you have an edge of about 2% or more, So you make 3.3 units profit. During the 33% neutral you lose at a rate of –0.33% while betting with an average bet of 10 units for a action of 330, so you lose ONE unit.

    You NEVER increase your bet. Only cut the bet in two and continue flat as long as the count is positive. Else change tables and repeat.

    Over the long run, simulations shows 2.3 units per hour profit. If you play this with $100 chips you’ve got it made for life as long as you can find single decks games.

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