Great Poppy Story - Priceless!
  • Playing a four hour session today at a local casino. I'm sitting at 3rd Base and a Gold Chain, Rolex, Braclet, loud mouth sitting at first base. For two hours he was slinging his brainless shit at me at least once every shoe. Last round of shoe in play and I draw A7 v dealer 5. Balanced count +3. He has 19 with $100 in the circle. I have a $275 bet out. I reach in my pocket for additional double money and he says, "Don't double that hand you will screw the entire table up." I look over at him and said, "I have to take a card or the dealer will beat me." On he goes... I double and dealt a 3. 21! Dealer flips a 10 followed by a 5. Priceless! I colored-up and could still here him while walking to cashier.
  • For the Blood Elves Cosplay, there is a segment from age of conan gold

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