Shuffle Tracking
  • I've got my counting skills down and I'm looking to broaden my horizons. Is shuffle tracking an effective method that can be used in the casino in this day and age? Any tips and/or comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • in my (very humble) opinion, shuffle tracking is more effective than counting. i learned to count proficiently (using hi-low), later switched to other more complicated count strategies, only to discover they were all more work than they were worth. Shuffle tracking can be done by either casual counting, or actual counting... i look for clumps of hugh cards and mentally mark where that group (usually half a deck or so) goes into the shoe. i find its very difficult to follow all of the half-deck segments as some books suggest. so i just try to follow one. then i try to cut that half deck, within about a deck and a half to the top, so its first out of teh shoe. then i raise bets until clump has come and gone... its not scientific, just requires good eye for where cards are going, and where they at in shoe.

    i suggest you practice it by looking at decks of cards and trying to cut off, one deck, 1.5 decks, 3/4 deck... and then see how close you were. that will give you an idea of how closely you can get to your desired cards...

    one other note... some shuffles appear to be too complicated ot track. make sure you observe teh shuffle for a while first

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