Back to School Online Bingo Promotion
  • Bingotime announces the Back-To-School promotion open for all the bingo players.

    With the start of the school term this September, Bingotime coincides with the Back-To-School promotion which offers a total of £600 in cash, prizes and points for the best bingo students.

    Bingotime will give £400 cash boost to its top 10 players who get the most Bingo! on the Bingotime S-C-H-O-O-L game. The first 10 honorable mention will each get a consolation of £15 worth Amazon voucher, and the last 10 that did not make it to the honour roll will share 50,000 points.

    This promotion is open for the entire month of August only. So let’s head out to the bingo classrooms and let’s play bingo!

    Visit BingoTime for more UK Bingo information.

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