Best Arizona Blackjack Games
  • Has anyone played any of the AZ. Casinos and if they have what are your opinions?
  • My Understanding is the online game is iffy?
  • Hey buddy, I recently wrote an article about blackjack in Arizona at

    It has a list of 12 different Arizona casinos detailing the types of blackjack games dealt at each place (# of decks, rules and betting limits). Hope this helps!

    ~ AP For Life
  • If you're going to take data from another site (card counting comparison) and put it on yours, the least you could do is reference the place you grabbed it from.
  • I just created one simple chart as a quick visual comparison of systems. I didn't intend for people to take exact numbers from it, but rather to have a convenient visual for easy viewing. The point I was actually trying to make with the chart is that most card counting systems are very similar in performance and that there are much more effective ways to increase EV than to use the most complex systems.

    My apologies if you were offended by the use of your data to create the visual. I'll gladly give credit where credit is due, so if you take another look you will see that I have added credit to QFIT for the numbers and a link to your website.

    By the way, I'm a big fan of your work and we've actually spoken on the phone a few times (I'm assuming you're Norm). I always recommend CVCX (Chapter X It!) to my students and have helped you sell a lot of copies.

    Take care Norm!
  • No problem.

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