Double Down
  • Hi everyone. I just have a question regarding doubling down when I have two cards totalling 9 and the dealer is showing a 3,4,5,or6. I know the "basic strategy" says to double down, but in the last few months I've heard talk at the table that you should never double against a 3,4,or5, only against a 6. I usually just ignore such comments but I was wondering what everyone thinks. Thanx.
  • "Talk at the table" is just that -- talk. Ignore those comments.
  • Hey pokerpete - Welcome to the forum! Can you remove those links from your signature. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you are not a spammer.
  • I meet a same problem
  • Ignore those comments.
  • ignore these talks. the rule on basic strategy has mathematical basis.

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