Impact of CSM
  • If you're not counting cards, does a CSM still change your odds? Last night I sat down with my normal bankroll (I'm not a counter) at a CSM table, first time I'd played with one, and pretty much immediately lost everything, which I'd never seen happen before. I took out some more money, went to a bigger bet table with handshuffling, and won back what I had lost, then got tired so went home. The CSM table was dealer hits S17, whereas the handshuffling table was dealer stands on all 17s, but in the time I was at the first table, I didn't see the dealer get a S17, so that doesn't seem responsible. Was this just odd luck, or do the odds change?
  • Just bad luck in this case, but in the long run you'll lose more money at the CSM table because of the soft 17 rule and because you'll play more hands per hour at a CSM table. Best to stick with the hand-shuffled game.
  • From what I understand, the CSM actually adds slightly to the player's advantage. As Walter said, though, you'll be playing more hands per hour and will be more exposed to the house advantage, and you benefit more from the dealer not hitting their soft 17s.
  • I disagree with the concept of hands per hour and playing for extended periods of time. If you are winning, stay and let your winnings run, however, by increasing your bets in relation to your bankroll you will shorten your time at the table and limit your losses and allowing your good runs to grow your bankroll over time. Please show me the error in my thinking as I am relatively new but have been using this strategy. It's not as much fun as sitting for long periods of time but appears to be more profitable.
  • CSM's are a sore subject with me because I lose MOST of the time at such games. Keep in mind that CSM's are programmable computers that can be programmed to deal any card the programmer chooses to select. Some CSM's are programmed to deal a certain promotional card for a bonus entry into a drawing (for a big prize like a car). Some CSM's even contain a HD camera (for what purpose?) and multiple CSM's can be hooked together via hardwire, WiFi and possibly even bluetooth technology. I just don't trust them.
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  • I prefer hand shuffled games

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