Hey, you guys have drawn your self serving conclusions
  • Hey, you guys have drawn your self serving conclusions without any basis of facts. And when I told you the facts, you disputed them again without any basis of facts again. You dispute everything without a shred of evidence, and then you want me to post my system to make out of you a winning player? Sure, OK. Keep counting as long as you want but don't expect to win money with.

    Some of you here on this forum have an ulterior motive, you are not objective. You are involved with sale or promotion of worthless systems or are working for casino industry. But, your rice bowl is in trouble, that is what all of your bullshit is all about. If you want to see my system, then take up a collection and pay for your airfare and meet me here in Vegas.

    I will look forward to you eating your words when you will see how the system offsets W/L ration in such a dramatic way that you will question your logic up to that day.
  • dude
    get a life

    go play your system, make millions, retire, maybe they will write a book about how you destroyed vegas with the most amazing system ever.

    i dont see why your here..you have nothing to learn, nothing to share...your a super pro...


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