Why Blackjack ?
  • First you have to look at MAC's choices. Mac being Mr. Average Customer. He is lost, when it comes to all the bets in Craps. Yo 11. Bet the horn, cover the hard ways, press the field bet. What in the heck are they talking about ? How about Baccarat, with its James Bond mystique. Nope, he can't figure it out either. (it actually, is about the easiest of the table games to play) Roulette, Let it Ride, Three Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker or Caribbean Stud, no way. (Oh sure, he may play some of these games, but he really don't understand them)
    He is tired of losing playing slots, so about all that is left is BJ. Now at least he "knows how to play" that game and feels he has some control over it. He now gets a choice, to take a card or to stand. The first time Mac sits down at a BJ table, he has taken the first step on a journey. How far that journey will take him, only time will tell. No one is born knowing how to play BJ, so it is a journey for everyone. Mac may only dabble with progressions and have just fun playing or he may really "get into it" and learn to count cards and all that goes with it. So the next time you see Mac and you will see him, as he is Everywhere, don't be to critical of him.
  • Good post, Hoss.
  • Right on Midnight, and I sincerely believe that if Mac knows what he is doing he will be reading this message board sooner or later (I was Mac six months ago, though now I at least know how to play the good ol dont's). PS can't we get Deer Dog Deluxe back?
  • We play Blackjack because you can take it as far as you want to. It's amazing how 52 cards and the number 21 could combine to make a game as deep and interesting as this. As you increase your skill, you decrease the house's edge over you individually. At some point, if you've graduated to counting, you cross the line to a slim (and not always reliable) edge on the plus side. Then to add to the fun, you get to add acting and camouflage to your repertoire. Like asking the dealer if it's okay to keep a basic strategy card in front of you. :wink:

    Because counting is so hard and gives you a slight edge, it allows some of us to rationalize that "it's not really gambling, it's challenging work". Other rationalizations: it helps stave off short-term memory loss by exercising that part of the brain in those of us over 40 who are beginning to notice "senior moments". What better motivator to do a brain exercise than the chance to win some money?

    Remember, we need all Blackjack players, the bad ones that will never progress and the newbies who might, because without them, the casinos won't be happy with how much they make, and they'll turn all that space over to the real money-makers like slots and roulette.
  • Midnight: Slight correction to your post -- I, personally, was born playing blackjack. The delivery room nurses still talk about it. The mobile hanging over my baby bed was a deck of 52 cards on stings. My first shoes held six decks. My only toys were chips, and I stacked them in different colored stacks all day. A cut card was my teething ring. My first real game was head-to-head with Mom, the dealer, who always took my chips away from me and made me cry. Late at night, alone in my youth bed, I was afraid of the boogie-dealer and slept with the lights on. My first experience with math was learning to count to 21, and I've never found a good reason to learn to count any further. My motto as an adult is , "Win some, lose some", and I never met a blackjack table I didn't like (although many didn't like me.) :wink:
  • LOL Thanks Walter. My thought for the day is, Don't be irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you will never be promoted........ :wink:
  • I love your philosophy Midnite. I should print it and the next time I'm sitting next to "Mac" or "Maxine" I'm going to read it opver and over to myself. I remember the first time I left the slots and played the way I felt was right...no one got mad at me! (Of course this was at the $2 tables at the Venerial (I mean Imperial) Palace! Doc, I agree, where is Deer Dog. She had some great comments.
  • Dear Dog said to tell the guys and D, Hi. She is busy with school. (she is a teacher / administrator) She said she will be back, when she gets the time. She did take third in a BJ tournament and still plays BJ when she can.

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