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  • Off-topic....I will delete this post in 24 hours.

    Does anyone have a pro football handicapping service they recommend? The one I have been using for about ten years has raised their rates 'out of sight' this year.

    Please send a PM if you have a good, reliable source; preferably one you use.

    Thanks in Advance.....Grifter
  • Hi Grifter :wink:

    There's a gambling magazine called Inside Edge I subscribe to here in the UK and it covers a whole wide field of gambling from cock fighting in the Philippines to Poker in Dublin with football and horse racing in between, and cover various betting and gambling sites on the net ( including this site as well :D ), If you go to and take a look around their site see if you can find what you want there, may be try clicking on the "The Guide" Tab, then click on the "Free bets guide " link for Betrescue, see if its in there what you want, take care and be lucky

    Cheers :)

  • I don't bet on sports except the super-bowl the triple crown, ect major events.... but inside edge here in the states is also quite acceptable... they always send me stuff... just tossed the current 'zine in the recycler.

    ps: many nfl capping services without fantasy, will also raise rates/ %vig.
  • Thanks, guys, but I am looking for just a handicapping shop, not a place to bet online.......I will place the bets "live". There are some good ones out there, but you are looking at $75-$100 PER WEEK rates. That's a little steep......I do my own handicapping, but have always used a "back up" to increase my comfort level.

    Thanks again.....Grif'
  • Grif, just go with the Giants all season, you can't lose!

    Crap, time for my meds again.

  • Go Vikings!
  • C'mon, we all know this is the Eagles year.
  • Donovan who?

    Brady Bunch one more time.

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