Progressive betting
  • I've seen a bunch of sites on the internet. One site, I think was Don Schlesinger's says something very close to the following. He will not allow messages regarding "progressive betting" to be posted because progressive betting has been proven to be an invalid concept. In other words, "it don't work", and anybody who thinks it does is "nuts". He says the same thing about "targeting", whatever that is. But there are people who insist it does work. So, you think about it for a while and you say to yourself, who's right? Is anybody right. Is there an absolute correct way to play BJ? I'm a novice, but I know that Vegas "kicks" card counters out of town. Do progressive bettors get the "boot" too?
  • Ted's Question: "I'm a novice, but I know that Vegas "kicks" card counters out of town. Do progressive bettors get the "boot" too?"
    Answer: No, they get comped.
  • Ted,
    I'm a long-time progression bettor, and have only been harrassed on one occasion by one particularly nasty casino manager. The consensus of opinion among casino personnel is that progression players are long-term losers.... but in truth most card counters are long-term losers, due to lack of bankroll, poor play, etc.
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  • Anyone here use the Labouchere betting system? Ive done some testing with it using CVBJ and have won a bunch of money. I also found a website that did a simulation with 500 hand using this strategy and it consistantly won about 600 to 900 units. Anyone have any comment on this strategy?
  • Heh, I haven't even heard of that!! Care to explain what it is?
  • I hope i dont get in trouble for posting a link to another website but check out under Labouchere. Basically you start out with a string of numbers like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 And you add the first and last number of the string together to get your first bet. In this case 1+6 = 7. So you bet 7. If you win, you take off the 1 and the 6 and your left with 2, 3, 4, 5 and you do the same thing until your left with nothing or 1 number, in that case you just start over again. If you lose the first hand you add on how much you lost to the end. In this case 7, so you would now have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and you keep doing the same thing? I hope im not confusing everyone heh. Anyone ever try to play with this?
  • Interesting betting scheme that is... but it seems like you can get wiped out REALLY FAST with those 1-7 ranges... eh?
  • Been running a few more sims on and now the max bet is getting pretty high, couple G's and at some points the bank roll was -20k+ So i guess this really isnt all that great to begin with...
  • One site points out that Labouchere can be so complicated that it can distract you from playing correct basic strategy. If it's that hard, I'd just try counting.
  • Wow, yup, as I suspected.... -20K is just a bit tooooooooooo much for my bankroll thank-you-very-much!
  • DD: Re. comps, my thinking is this: Why would a player not want to be rated, and why would a player refuse comps? The answer seems obvious: He doesn't want to attract attention. And why would he not want to attract attention? Because he's a card counter!
    I know many very good card counters, and they all take advantage of comp programs.
  • Finally, a progressive system more complicated than card counting.
  • SH - Good one, but actually you have it backwards. The "Labby" was around years and years before card counting.

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