blackjack without the house?
  • Hi,

    I am part of a company that has released a beta version of a new blackjack format called vsJack. The game is the same basic blackjack but with two variations:

    • Players take turns being the dealer, there is no bank
    • Dealers play however they want, there are no rules for them

    It is a rake based game, like poker, and the dealer position rotates from player to player. We shuffle after every hand and our random number generator is certified by NMi, a certification company in the UK.

    The house is not trying to stop you from winning, just give you the best experience possible. So, unlike B&M casinos and online casinos, everyone is welcome. We would really like to see how serious blackjack players will work out the best way to play the game.

    We are trying to work out how to keep developing the game. At the moment you can double on 7 to 11, but if the dealer doesn’t have to stand on 17 and hit 16 it doesn’t offer the same advantage does it? You can split cards that are exactly the same (like two Jacks but not Queen - Jack) but maybe players should be able to split all cards? Should we try playing with 6 decks?

    We are planning on having tournaments and are looking for feedback on building them. We are even looking at spread bets during hands.

    We want the game to get better and better. Please log in and take a look at

    All feedback is appreciated.

    Thanks for your time,

    **Some background:

    The software has been built by a group of online gaming veterans including people from ongame, Jadestone, bodog, and bwin and we have top security and fraud people making sure that systems are stable and the games cannot be manipulated.

    We keep our players’ funds separate from operating funds in an account at HSBC’s Malta branch and take pride in providing top customer service and quick cash outs. We know what players want, we are all card players ourselves.

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