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  • Greetings. I have been playing BlackJack since the fall of 2001 and up until the spring of 2012 I did pretty good, meaning I lost a small amount of money ($1700, I record my outings). Then everything went to pot. I can't win. When I do win it is a very small amount. I use to go around 20 times a year, why not, I wasn't getting burned, but since I have been on this losing streak I hardly go. Last year I only went 6 times. This year I have gone twice and both times I got smoked. I want to get thru this but I don't know if my luck has run out or if the odds have caught up with me or what. I will say that when I do go I feel confident that I am going to win, until I sit down and start playing. And as it is I am always playing catch up. Anyway, has anyone out there ever been on a losing streak were you wonder if you will ever win again.Although I don't want to, I am seriously considering throwing in the towel
  • change your mo. Move tables, casinos, etc. change up everything
  • I have been practicing with your site for over a year and have had fairly good luck at the tables in Vegas. What has happened that the site for practicing against the dealer is now blank? I just have a blank white screen. Can you help me get back into the site for practicing?
  • Are you counting cards ?
  • Forget playing if you cant do that

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