Renzey's Front Count Vs Ace-Five
  • I recently bought Renzey's Bluebook II after reading about his Ace/Ten Frontcount in an internet article. Great book. I attempted to implement the Frontcount but felt that I was unable to judge the first two decks accurately enough. For instance, Renzey says to increase your bet when you see 36 or less Ace/tens in the first two decks. Unfortunately, I might count 36 but misjudge the discard pile by say 9 cards (3 of which are 10s). Now I've increased my bet but I have no advantage since I made a mistake judging the pile. I think the frontcount is a great in theory but not practical enough for a beginner such as myself especially at full $5 tables where the discard pile is growing in leaps an bounds. I think that I'm going to join try to implement the Ace-Five system as I found nice articles at and that explain it quite well.

    Has anyone studied these two methods to see which one is better?

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