Casino Conditions
  • Alex- Making money at BJ is damb difficult no matter how you play.
    Shoe games are almost impossible to beat unless casino conditions
    are in your favor and most of the time they are not. Most of us play
    shoe games and I say to you; if you don't do some backcounting and
    maybe play two at 70% combined with the avoidance of negative
    counts(-1) you have no chance. Casino conditions, especially those
    that are isolated where table availability is controlled to match the
    number of players, limits your game in more ways than one. Try
    playing two at 70% at the lower limit tables. Remember you can't BC
    the higher limit tables and the lower limit tables have people in the Q
    and you lose your seat if you exit on a neg. count.

    On the subject of the D'Alembert or modifications to it: I played this
    strategy with several variations in the last three weeks. About 8
    sessions in all. I won money in every session except one, but as good
    as that may sound, it's not a strategy that I can recommend to anyone.
    If you don't configure this strategy completely right, your bet will get out
    of control and you will lose(My one losing session). You can put in some
    effective bet controls and I did just that, several configurations. With bet
    controls implemented you generate a paradox, because you offset the
    advantage gained via the bet increments with the bet controls and end
    up playing for hours at somewhere near even or in my case, a small
    winner. Part of the problem is the fact that you must play the lower
    limit tables and the casino makes sure that the number of players match
    the number of tables that are open. To get a reasonable return, you need
    to play head to head and in most places that is next to impossible at the
    lower limit tables.

  • I have been reading posts for a long while, but have chosen to not respond. But the Alex nonsense really goes beyond reason, since _any_ good book explains exactly why betting schemes can't beat the game. And for him to claim that counters can't win is just amazing and simply shows that he produces nothing but static.

    Tune it out...

    If you just enjoy playing, play BS. I've done it when tired of counting, and I played $10 tables in Vegas all night on a $100 initial stake without going broke.

    If you want to win (over the long-run) learn to count and bet accordingly. Everyone here will tell you that same fact. Except maybe for Alex. :)

    It is easy to pick a sample shoe where a particular betting system will win at every position. Statistically such a shoe _must_ exist. But over the long-run, forget about such pipe-dreams and decide whether you do it for fun (and play BS) or whether you do it for fun (with more work and count but don't go overboard with bet spread/amount to avoud getting kicked out) or whether you do it for money and go full-bore...

    I enjoy playing when I can, counting cards, and generally not losing over a reasonable series of playing sessions. I've visited Vegas and Biloxi. I prefer Vegas for the variety of things to do, for casino action I find either OK with it easier to find low-limit BJ tables in Biloxi (Imperial Palace has had $5 tables every time I have been, and my son prefers that as he refuses to learn to count and just mimics my betting. At the $5 tables we get away with that.


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