Renzey's Mini-Count
  • I've been attempting the Ace-Five Count and Renzey's Ace-Ten Front Count against 6 deck, DAS, DA2, Late Surrender. I've noticed several experts (e.g. Harry Tamburin, Blackjack Insider) recommending Renzey's Mini-Count over Ace-Five but I can't seem to find an explaination of Mini-Count anywhere. Has Mini-count evolved into what is now called Front Count or is there a different method called Mini-Count?
  • The Mini-Count was something that appeared in an older B/J Insider newsletter. It involved counting all the 4's, 5's and black deuces as +1, while counting the Aces and 10-spots (no J's, Q's or K's) as -1. It's stronger than the Ace/5 countand also has an automatic true count approximator (as a by-product of counting the black deuces). It's also a little stronger than the Ace/10 Front Count if you can handle a plus/minus system.

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