BJ Books for sale
  • Hi All,

    I have the following BJ books for sale:

    Twenty-First Century BJ by Walter Thomason
    Comp City by Max Rubin
    Blackjack Bluebook II by Fred Renzey
    Powerful Profits from BJ by Victor Royer

    A few comments about each one:

    Walter Thomason's book has become the standard book for progression BJ. Although I respect his research, I'm letting it go because I personally think his system puts too much money at risk for choppy shoes.

    Fred Renzey's book is the best overall BJ book out there in my opinon since he does such a great job of explaining every facet of the game. In addition to an excellent introduction to the game, he covers the KISS counts, the A/10 Frontcount, and the Mentor counts as well. My mother bought me a copy of this for my B-Day last week....the only problem is I already had a copy and had been thoroughly enjoying it before I got this second one! I obviously don't need two.

    I think Victor Royer's book is one of the best out there for true rookies. Although he only devotes one chapter to it, I think his progressive betting system is the least risky one out there. He also devotes two chapters to the Hi/Lo count.

    Comp City - It details everything one needs to know about qualifying for and obtaining casino complimentaries.

    All of the books are in mint condition My price? I'd like to $32 for all four of them...this includes shipping to anywhere in the US. Factoring in shipping costs, this is less than half of what you would pay to get these new.

    Please send me a private message if interested.


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