Congrats. to Grifter
  • Grifter came to Kansas last week, to visit his ol' buddy Midnite.
    The casino had a free BJ Tournament running.
    The top 25 scores (most money after 21 hands) gets on the board.
    If someone in a later round gets a better score, you get knocked off the board.
    The tournament run for 4 1/2 days.
    After some arm twisting, Grifter entered.
    We both qualified and our scores help up.
    Now we are in the simi-finals.
    First round, we both make it through.
    Last round, before the money table, I bust out on the last hand. But Grifter makes it to the money table.
    But wait there's more....
    In the first BJ tournament he has ever played in he won.....FIRST PLACE !!!! (cool)
  • Proof positive of the benefit of listening to the veteran players. They know the score.

    Way to go Grif!

  • Midnite- I don't believe in beginners it had to be magic. Can
    we get a loan? I think Grif should clue us in, don't you?.....Ray
  • the man is to blackjack what Paul Newman in The Hustler was to pool.
    What more can I say?
  • Can we get ol' Grifter into a WSBJ tournament?

    Keep up the good cards, I know you will keep the faith.
  • Thanks for the congrats and comments (although me and Paul Newman in the same breath is a bit of a stretch). :wink: …….Everything Midnite said above is true except the part about “some” arm-twisting. Actually, he threatened to make me walk the 80 miles back to the airport if I didn’t enter the tournament.

    Midnite and I have always disagreed about tournaments, and that is why I have never played in one. I contend that “odds wise” you are better off just sitting down and playing with a count to make money than playing in a tourney. I still believe that, but I have changed my mind about one thing:

    Tournaments are one h*ll of a lot of fun, and I will probably play them occasionally for that reason. Really cool to just sit there with play money, and calculate/strategize how to amass more chips than your opponents; with a constantly moving target.

    Thanks again……Grif’
  • I played in a couple of these things and they are fun. But my experience suggested that there was more to this than meets the eye as there was (on my part) way too much luck involved in that the one such tournament I won was one of those "all in on the last round" sort of things to get past the first round.

    I started reading and it nearly made my head explode, such topics as a "free hit" where you notice that in certain circumstances, standing is no better than hitting even if you have a high total (say 19) because of the chip leaders bet, his visible hand, and so forth.

    I decided those events would stay "fun" and I'd save the serious memory work for all the BS modifications depending on the TC.

    Also saved me a lot on duct tape expenses as I would probably have needed lots to wrap around my head to prevent explosions when trying to bone up on all the blackjack tournament strategy guidelines. :)

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