Dahl's progression
  • I had a copy of Donald Dahl's book, but can't seem to find it. Can anyone here tell me what the Dahl progression is on $10 bets. I know it starts out $10--$10--$15--$15. but I don't remember the rest up to $100. If someone here knows the progression I would appreciate your posting it here. Thanks.

  • Tuffy:


  • Thanks Grifter. Appreciate your response.

  • A guy decided to take up the Wizard of Odds challenge of $20,000 ( of the wizards ) against $2000 ( of the guys money ) that a betting system based on a casino game with a house advantage could not stand up to a one billion hand computer simulation, the guy was so super confident he requested they doubled the stakes! :shock: catch the results here:

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