10 Days on the road......Blackjack road
  • I didn't get to go to Ireland this summer so I was due a vacation.
    Started out with 3K cash and credit cards. I played all the Indiana
    casino's near or on the Ohio river(three). Moving West I picked-up
    the Missourri casinos and there I found these two interesting rules:

    1. To get in a Missouri casino you must have a players card and that
    means you sign-up at the front desk. Why? Missouri has a $500 loss
    limit per 24hrs and the dealer keeps track of your buy. When you lose
    the 500 you are done. This was bad news for me so I played very close
    trying to avoid the limit. You can't play conservative blackjack.

    2. Normally I play two hands at 70% and usually at 5-10 tables and I
    did just that, going in at $20 each. I didn't have a problem but this
    trucker who stopped to play tried two hands at $10 each at this same
    ten dollar table. They have this rule for playing two hands that states
    you must double your bet on each spot if you play two hands. That made
    no sense at all to me so I ask dealers and pit.......well that's just one of
    our rules. My thoughts? Small casino with 5 total table games(2BJ) and to allow as many players who want to play BJ to find an open spot.

    From Missouri, I went into Kansas with the intent of playing some of
    Midnite's casinos and from there on to Denver and this little town in SD.
    Denver was about to get up to a foot of snow and it was moving s. east
    toward Kansas. Change of plans......back to Missouri and down the
    interstate to Tunica where I spent the last 5 days and made the most
    money. I think I played all the larger joints, but most of my time was
    at Sams Town. One interesting event at a $50 table with this blind player:
    The guy knew the game and required very little queue from the dealer.
    He played perfect BS and it appeared to me that he changed-up his play
    on the close hands; 16 vs 10, 12 vs 4 and some of the close doubles.
    I don't see how that was possible, but it sure looked that way.

    Last day of my trip and I'm back at the Indiana casino closer to Lexington
    and I was begining to show some strain and I looked like death warmed-
    over. Each card looked like two and the dealer had to prod me several
    times for hits,etc. I gave it up and went home with my 5400.00. I put
    2500 miles on my wifes LEXUS and that will cost me some of what I won.
    I'm still working on gas,hotel,food, drinks,etc......may be a case of best
    guess. If you get a chance to do something like what I did.......do it.

  • Not _all_ blind players are _really_ blind. :)

    There have been many stories written about this as a cover ploy... I mean, how could a blind player count cards??? :)
  • Ray,
    My experience when in Missouri, is that the $500.00 limit is per 2 hours not 24 hours. On the even hours 2,4,6,8,ETC you receive another $500.00 limit. Some folk will time their visit so they arrive a few minutes before the new even hour starts so that they can actually gamble up to $1000.00 in a little over two hours.
    As I am mainly a Midwestern gambler, I find it the rule rather than the exception that casinos require you to double your bet if playing two hands and have even seen it where you are required to bet 5X if you play 3 hands.
    Although I rarely submit any comments, I want everyone to know that I truly enjoy this site. Learn something new everyday. Thanks

  • Woulfe01- I'm almost sure it was 24 hrs, but I could have heard wrong.
    As for the rule on two hands: I've been to a lot of places, but have
    never seen that rule anywhere else.

    The casino was Isles of Capri in Boonville just off I70 and 50-100 miles
    from KC. Have you been there?
  • Gorilla- Now the little gal standing behind him was a very good
    possibility, But not him.
  • Ray,
    What is meant by, "You can't play conservative blackjack"? Doesn't it depend on your bank roll? If I take $300, I will choose a $5 table and stay there unless things start going extremely well.
  • Hey Ray, congrats on the win and if you ever do make it to Ks. let me know.
    Woulfe01 had it right.
    Missouri casino's have a $500 loss limit, but you can buy another $500 every two hours. Hint : If your wife is with you, she can also buy in for $500.

  • Ray, I think the reason for the minimum bet requirement change if you play two hands is GREED... the more money on the table, the more long-term profit for the casino.
  • [The casino was Isles of Capri in Boonville just off I70 and 50-100 miles
    from KC. Have you been there?]

    I have been to this Casino on one occassion. It is about a 5 hour drive from where I live, but we worked it into a business trip.
    I wasn't overly impressed with the casino or it's location. Naturally I lost my bank rather quickly (two hours), so that likely had a lot to do with my overall impression.
    I normally gamble in Illinois (Peoria) and Iowa. I believe the 2X bet on two hands is pretty common in all of these casinos.

  • Ray,
    I play at the Missouri casinos. It is $500.00 every 2 hours. The rule on doubling your bet for second and third hands is fairly new, it is something that was started a couple of months ago. It is Harrahs, so of course it is greed.
  • PJ-300 @ $5 table is not conservative....yes your right it does depend on
    BR. I was thinking of self.....I can lose 300 in one shoe and on a bad start
    be out 500 in .5 hrs or less. Then what?

    Midnite- Had it been on the weekend I would have stayed in KC and
    found a terminal somewhere. I figured you were at work and I didn't
    know how far east the snow would get. Denver got hit pretty hard, but
    I had seen all of my daughters triplets that I wanted to see. It's 24/7
    with three going constantly. Glad I'm old and 1200 miles away. My wife
    has been there close to three months and is going batty. When the cats
    away the mice will play. Looks like you can take interstates to KC or the Capital. 335 or something like that.

    Walter- Yes it gets down to money one way or the other. Don't it?
    I don't hear to well after 5-6 drinks so what ever the rules were I'm
    sure the guys got it right.
  • Figured my expenses for the trip and it came to 1400-1500 ruff est.
    That adds up to 3800 profit for the trip. Good thing because I was down
    2200 for the year and was close to having my first losing year ever.
    Going to play again in the morning and hope to be over the car lag by
    then. It feels a lot like jet lag...................

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