disguises,guises,"uniforms",attitudes,and language
  • o.k.,so the great late Kenny Uston used to wear a cowboy hat and wear a t-shirt that said RODEO across it and tell folks he was Billy Williams. i'd really like to hear what all of you do for "camo" to disguise your true abilities as Advantage Players(counters) be it language,attitude,clothing, whatever. thanks.
  • Fit in. Don't look like a new york city pimp unless there is a big pimp convention in the hotel you are playing at. You want to be completely unremarkable.

    also be discreet. IE if I am going to "buy in" for $500, or $1000, I will often do it at the cage, so that I can just sit down and start playing with nobody being none the wiser about where I started chip-wise...

    At an indian casino fairly recently, I was playing at a $5 table waiting on a 2d game to open up a chair. Guy walks up and buys in for $500, which made him stand out with this big pile of chips. More than one pit boss came over and asked him his name...

    If you "rob" them you want the description to be "average height, average build, average hair, average clothes, etc." :)
  • hey gorilla player-
    thank you-that sounds like excellent advice!
  • Gosh, It's been ages since my last pimp convention, anyone know when the next one is? :lol:
  • gorilla player said:
    IE if I am going to "buy in" for $500, or $1000, I will often do it at the cage

    Hmmm, this is going to sound naive, but I never bought in at the cage. I thought you only could at the tables. Is this more or less universal?

    John (learning all the time)
  • I've bought in at many cages. I don't do it every time, as sometimes when playing with my son, etc, we do a "team" sort of arrangement where I buy in for maybe $100, flat-bet $5 playing BS + counting + using indices, and he drops the big bets when the count is good.

    Lots of "counting books" refer to the concept of "rat-holed chips" where you carefully remove them from your chip stack (when you are winning) to make it less obvious how much you have won. If you walk up with chips in your pocket, and don't put 'em all on the table, it makes it much harder for the dealer and pit crew to determine how you are doing. I've not played in any casino where I couldn't walk around with chips in my pocket and sit down when I want. Dealers want you to color up before you leave to avoid taking all their small-denomination chips with you, but if you keep most of them in your pocket unless you hit a losing streak, this works just fine...

    If you buy in, the pit critter will log your buy-in, and then they can better track your play (winning I assume). Make it hard for them...

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