Departing for Vegas this tuesday for three weeks!
  • I wanted to ask if anyone could advise me on a location where I can play blackjack and not hurt any pros if I should make a mistake. I am a relative newbie to the game, having only played twice previously in New York/New York and the Bellagio several years ago. I don't wanna hit a casino that I am going to upset seasoned players should I make a mistake and piss them off!

    Any ideas?


  • Always fun tables with no stress is the Champagne Pit at Imperial Palace. The celebrity (dealertainers) are great and no one seems to be too serious if they win or lose. I'm sure the more serious players only play at 3-2 payouts on blackjack and the IP has the dreaded 6-5 payout. I hate to promote any tables with the 6-5 but for your request, the IP would be a fun place to start if you are playing for recreation.

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