• i will be visiting western washington state soon and sure would appreciate anything you folks know about the casinos in that part of washington. i play usually from a 6 deck shoe and use the kiss III counting method. also,let me know if you think some of the casinos are NOT worth visiting and why. my uncle says there are a number of smaller casinos near his house(he lives in tacoma washington) i wonder if any of them are ok?
    thanks one and all and have a great holiday season and a happy and prosperous new year!
  • I live in the Seattle area. Mostly you will find card rooms. These have a maximum of 15 tables and might be right next to your local grocery or dry cleaner. Except for the bonus bets available (heavy house advantage) it's just like any other place, except few places allow more than $100 wagers. Most have a min of $3. There is a place in Tacoma where you can play for $1 between 1000 am and 200 pm. There are also Indian reservation casinos which offer machines and all table games like craps and Roulette. Check Washington Gaming Commission for locations. I play in Bremerton, Poulsbo, Olympia and LaCenter.

    Good luck !

    Ken [/quote]

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