Weathering the storm
  • What would y'all recommend as a better way to survive losing runs -- have a large enough bankroll to weather the storm until the cards improve, or leave when some sort of "quit point" is reached (say, something like 5 straight losses, or when you go down a certain number of units from your high point). Thanks in advance.
  • The answer to that is really easy. Have a big enough BR. Each new shoe is a separate trial in a very long sequence of trials. If you are losing now, and quit, what says that you won't pick right back up in the losing series tomorrow? Until you realize that, you will have trouble.

    There is nothing wrong with quitting when you blow your session BR, as to keep playing in that session might mean your trip BR is gone before the trip is over. But you can't just walk away from a negative variance. The variance is not "at that table" or with "that dealer"...

    If you feel better moving to another table, go for it. But realize that it won't necessarily change things. And if it does, it doesn't mean your move was correct as you might have done even better (or much worse) staying at the table you were at.

    If you watch and back-count at a table, it is not uncommon to see one guy winning big, and one guy losing nearly every hand. Same dealer. Same shoe. Just different randomness.

    Totally a part of the game. And something you can _not_ run and hide from...
  • for Basic Strategy you may try this approach...

    Count each Ace as -1
    Count each 5 as +1

    When the score is negative by the amount of decks remaining, do not play. That is if the score is -3 with 3 decks remaining... or -5 with 5 decks remaining etc. This will reduce the house edge by about HALF.

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