Splitting 4's
  • Some time ago I read not to split 4's in Vegas but to split them in Atlantic City. Therefore, I have always followed this rule when in Vegas and not split them. Does anyone know why this is/was a rule?
  • it usually has to do with the differences in the basic rules, number of decks, etc, between AC and Vegas, or between vegas downtown vs strip.

    However, my CV blackjack BS drill says to split 4's against 5's or 6's, in multideck games. I've always done that...
  • Split 4,4 against 5,6 and only when double after split is allowed......It
    is hard to say when some rules were in effect.....AC vs LV
  • right. I haven't played any non-DAS games in a _long_ while. I just keep looking. bad enough when they do the d10-11 only...

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