Weird night
  • Not to bore you with war stories, but there was strange moon over my blackjack table last night:

    The first shoe I played I did not take a hit the whole shoe. I think it was 10 hands. The one time I would have hit, the dealer BJ'd.

    Second shoe, first hand, I get dealt a 7-card 17. Not that unusual -- except the guy two spots over was promptly dealt a 7-card 16 on the same hand (he stayed; though it defied BS, it was hard to fault him). I'n no counter, but I have to guess that sent the count through the roof.

    Fourth shoe I get 7s to split -- and get another 7 on one of the. Lady next to me also gets 7s, splits them and gets another 7 that she has to split.

    Fifth or sixth shoe -- I lost all 10 hands.

    (I was the ATM during the seventh shoe).

    Eighth shoe -- dealer had ace up on four straight hands and BJs on three of them.

    That's when I left.
  • From the notebook back in '92 at Foxwoods.

    Early mornin 430AM, and had been playing all of 3rd shift (12M to 7 AM). Just two other people at the table, and things going OK, all of us are up a bit: me +250 for the nite so far. The dealer shows an 8.

    Fella to my right has 55 and doubles getting a third 5.
    I get 77 and draw a third 7. [Copped $500 on Super 7's!... with a $50 bet up the worst I could have done was break-even]
    Lady to my left has 66 and draws another 6.
    Dealer flips an 8 and busts with another 8.

    Because I had 77, the PB was around to look. He shook his head when the dealer broke. Most of us talked about it for a while.
    FWIW... the lady on my left later on also hit 777 for $500

    I wrote that one in the notebook when I got home... never seen that one since.
  • This happened about a week or so back. Just a few days after I made
    that run thru the Midwest casinos.

    Had a seat at a $10 table playing two at 70%....$20 on each and a running
    count of +4 after 2-3 rounds. I won the next two hands and went to $35
    each. I then won between 1000 and 1200 without losing a single hand. By
    this time the pit,dealer and table were taking note. I remember splitting
    9's on two separate rounds and one went to three with two doubles. Finally
    somewhere in the second shoe I lost a hand. Damn I lost a hand.........
    and the table went wild, even the pit and dealer. In one short 3 hour
    session I won over half of what it took me ten days to scratch out on
    the trip.

    After I got home, I tried to figure how many hands I had won in a row.
    It had to be between 9-12 because I never had reason to change my
    bet from the $35. I then looked at the probabilities for winning that many
    hands. It's a good size number, but it can and does happen. What makes
    it almost unbelievable is the fact that I was playing two hands and never
    lost. Can't happen would have been my answer, but it did. The probability
    of 9 in a row is one thing, but 9 in a row for two hands is the product of
    the two probabilities, a very big number. If it can happen, it will happen...
  • Awesome plays guys Awesome plays!!! I love hearing stories about the players beating the house!!


    "I get 77 and draw a third 7. [Copped $500 on Super 7's!... with a $50 bet up "

    Im lost on this for gettin 21 with 777 you won $500?

    Is that typical in all casino's to pay 10* for getting 777??

  • No Frank, its not. One has to be seated at a SUPER 7's table and pay $1 as a side-bet. There is a schedule for the payout. At that time SUPER 7's was just arriving there as it was late in the year. Simply reverse-counting 7's and betting at a count of five 7's per deck remaining, was the best strategy at that time.

    First card = 7 pays $3
    Pair of 7's pays $50
    Suited pair of 7's pays $100
    Any 777 pays $500
    Suited 777 pays $5000

    Its a side-bet with a 11% vigorish
  • :arrow: They're fun on the rare occasion that I get bored playing regular Blackjack or if I can't seem to find a normal table that suits me.

  • N&B

    Thanks for the info, shows how blinded I get by the spinning Roulette Wheels.. Seen the super 7's tables but never paid any attention to them while seeking out a open Roulette table..


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