size of bets
  • I have two approaches. First: I start with $300 and bet $25 until I lose it or Make $200 to $300. I quit when I start losing. If I win I go to a $100 table and bet my $300 until I lose or win. This results in very short sessions and limits my losses to a comfortable amount and allows good runs. Is there a flaw in my approach?
  • Whatever works for you.

    "Wizard of Odds" says that any betting "systems" are a waste of time. There's no magic to how much you bet when.

    If your approach lets you have fun and limits your losses, go for it, but varying the amount you bet won't change the odds or house advantage.

    I would think that playing at a $100 table with a bankroll of only $300 could make for *very* short runs.

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