ROR+houseEdge question
  • So I've been playing 'perfect' blackjack a little on the side, and am on a little upswing. However I do have some questions

    1- ROR (risk of ruin) I've been told that with 200 units you have a 40% chance of going broke, while at 1000 units it's only 5%. Can anyone give me the numbers WHY it's 40% at 200 units? and would it be ~50/above 50% when player has <100 units?<br />
    2. I understand if you play perfect BJ (basic strategy, dealers tells not included, no card counting, 6 decks) the house still has a 0.5 advantage. Why is this? how does one get to this number? Also, if the house always has a minor edge, how is BJ beatable? is it the whole variance+leave while you're up?
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  • 1 - From a card counting perspective, this may be true given the factors of how that person plays, the rules in the game, penetration, his ramp/spread, etc.
    From a recreational player's perspective, it comes down to how long you're going to play, rules of the game & HE, as well as strategy (basic strategy or poor strategy). But, if you don't have an edge -- you will go bust...eventually.

    2 - Depends on the rules of the game. I'd say a common game in Las Vegas (where BJ pays 3:2) has about a 0.5% house edge (or 0.5% casino advantage).
    Determining the house edge is a bit complicated. Here's a video I found on one technique used to come up with the number:
  • Online casino blackjack is alot of fun with the basic strategy, that's a cool video. It shows a really complicated method but i will try to understand it.

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