Article by Panama Rick about Lucky Ladies
  • I am told that someone who goes by Panama Rick wrote an article for the GreenChip section of article was supposedly telling players how they can beat the side bet known as "lucky ladies"
    Anybody know how the article suggested we can beat "lucky ladies"?
  • I looked for the article without success. I just wanted to know how side bets work. Never saw the option where I play. I welcome anyone who can explain them. Should I play them?
  • Side bets are "sucker bets" for the most part. IE the first one I saw was a BJ game with a 3-card poker side bet, called 21+3. You played your hand normally, but your first two cards plus the dealer's up card makes up a 3-card poker hand. If you make the side bet, and get any of the winning options (I believe a pair pays 1:1 and things go up from there, all the way to a royal flush pays (I believe) 40:1). All of these side-bets have a bigger casino advantage than the basic BJ game itself...

    Apparently occasionally a side-bet is exploitable. The "lucky ladies" is an example, and I have heard others expouse counting schemes to beat the above 21+3 game as well.

    If you don't know how to exploit the game, don't play the side-bet, it jusst drains your bankroll quicker...

    Insurance is another example of a side-bet, but as we all know, counting leads to the ability to exploit that side bet when it is favorable and turn it into an advantage play.
  • Prog - I don't remember the precise number, but the Lucky Ladies side bet has a positive EV when the TC is about +7 or higher. Hope this helps.'


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