Ohio River Boats
  • Does anyone in the "Cincy" area know if Argosy or Beltarra is open
    this weekend? I know Caesars is closed because of the floods. I think
    Aztar may be closed as well. Looks like a dull wkend...............You would
    think that the web sites would give some info, but they don't.
  • For some reason casino's are slow to update their web sites.
    I would give them a call, Ray.
    Here are the numbers :
    Argosy 912-539-8000
    Toll free 888-ARGOSY-7

    Belterra 812-427-4008
    Toll free 888-235-8377

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks Midnite- Their phones were re-directed, but I found out that
    the parking areas were covered with water. Caesars will open Monday
    and offer $1 hotdogs and hamburgers to the players. I can do better
    than that at any sports bar........Cheap

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