Bilstein 5160 Tacoma
  • The unit was designed to complement the B8 6112 front suspension system, as well as the 6112 shock is compatible with the 5160 rear shocks. Designed for coilover suspension systems, these shock absorbers give you a smooth, fade-free performance. The factory springs might be adjusted to boost the rear height, along with the lowered shocks will reduce this. This shock is the perfect choice for those who want the ultimate in vehicle control. The 6112 remote reservoirs possess a remote reservoir.

    The B8 5160 rear shocks are made to complement leading suspension system for max control. Unlike traditional shocks, bilstein tacoma lift shocks for Toyota Tacoma are designed to fit and compliment your front suspension system. The remote reservoir is equipped with zinc plating and a large oil capacity. The manufacturers of Bilstein Shocks for toyota tacoma bilstein 5100 Tacoma offer two different alternatives for increasing ride heights. This kit increases the handling performance and durability of the vehicle. For increased wheel travel and handling, Bilstein Shocks are a fantastic choice.

    The Bilstein B8 5160 remote reservoir shocks are an excellent solution for lifted vehicles. Designed for coilover suspension systems, these shock absorbers offer a smooth, fade-free performance. This kit includes a front coil spring and 6112 front coilovers. Most with the vehicles with factory suspensions are inclined to uneven ride heights. The bilstein tacoma lift B8 5160 remote reservoir shocks are equipped for lifted vehicles and provide enhanced wheel travel and cooling capacity. The factory front coil springs are an ideal choice for most trucks. You can certainly adjust ride heights which has a new group of tires and suspensions.

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