Some Bugs...
  • 1) when you split Aces, the game doesn't allow the user to play the game. The dealer gives you two cards and then plays the dealer hand.

    2) Dealer Shows Ace. Player gets 8,8. Player Splits. Player gets 8,3 versus Ace. Correct play is Double. Program tells that it is an Incorrect play.
  • 1. After splitting aces, some casinos will not let you hit ( Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun to name two.)

    2. The corect play for an eleven against an ace is to hit. (dealer w/10 and below you double) Again, this probably varies based upon how many decks the house is using. I only studied basic strategy against 8 decks.
  • Program indicates incorrect play under the following scenario in Difficult Mode:
    - dealer shows 6,
    - players has 3+4=7,
    - player hits and draws A,
    - player then stands.

    Program indicates that the stand is incorrect and the player should have doubled-down on soft 18 versus 6. The player can not double down after the 3rd card.

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