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  • Sometimes I play BJ online at and it is pretty fair most of the time,
    but imo MOST of the online casinos are RIGGED :
    they can and do "Adjust" their Software desired Casino Win % Rate as high as they want,
    and the Software Algorithm works like this : your Card total DETERMINES what the Dealer HOLE Card is AFTER you complete your Hand...

    That's WHY there are so many "Pushes" when you Play for REAL Money...
    especially WHEN you RAISE your BET...
    THIS is HOW they PROTECT themselves from Large LOSSES,
    and GUARANTEE themselves Solid PROFITS...

    Also, they deliberately LOWER the Free PRACTICE Game Player % Loss Rate to make you Win more,
    and to get you to Play for REAL Money $$$...

    The MAIN thing that I see over and over is this : AFTER I lose 3 hands, I almost always Win the next 2 Hands...especially AFTER the Dealer gets a Blackjack...

    At they actually have LIVE Real-Time Girl Dealers at the $5.00 Tables, fwiw.
  • Letter from Ion Saliu,

    "I recently made the mistake of playing at an online casino and I noticed the VERY same trends you spoke of in your web page. I could also see the trends and came to the same conclusions you did after only playing for a couple hours. The user demo game was DEFINITELY tilted in the players favor. And the REAL money simulator was DEFINITELY tilted in the casinos favor. I also noticed that for the first half hour or so even the money game was tilted in the players favor. But after that point, the odds changed DRASTICALLY and never returned. . .

    Every time I had a 12 or 13 i stood about a 90% chance of drawing a face card and busting. Like there was NO 2,3,4,5,6 or 7s in the deck. But every time the the dealer had 14,15, or 16 he was able to draw two or three cards and STILL NOT BUST. What is more 90% of the time when I had a 19, 20 , or 21 there would be a PUSH! I lost count of how many times I had a 18, or 19, and the dealer was able to draw several cards and beat me with a 20 or 21! Consistently when I would bust it was 25, or 26. Almost ALWAYS when the dealer would bust it was 22! It truly seemed like the dealer had a lot more room to draw cards than I did.

    Only after losing $180 was I able to look back and realize how much more winning the demo version had been than the game play version.

    I am glad someone with a scientific background is out there giving them hell. I don’t have much of an affinity for equations and such but I can tell when I have several 20's and consistently get matched with pushes or worse yet 21's. Those really (…) me off, I mean isn't it enough to win using standard Vegas odds? Legitimate casinos make money so why cheat!!

    RNG : The random number generator may be 100% fair and honest. The problem is the usage of the random number generator. The random algorithm is queried by another algorithm to generate one hand for the player and three hands for the casino. I can testify in a court of law that I noticed a slowdown when the player plays very high bets. I noticed the anomaly in the online software and also the blackjack slot machines in physical casinos. The anomaly always plays in the favor of the house, regardless how many players involved. It does not happen to me only. I received a number of messages similar the above.

    Here is some math. The gaming slows down because the random number module generates extra hands. The house gets 3 hands, based on my calculations. Casino games such as blackjack or roulette have a probability close to 50-50, say 52% for the house, 48% for the player. So, the player got one hand (spin) and the house got 3 hands. The house will select the best outcome (hand, or spin, etc.). In such a case, the house will win around 85% of the times, based on the fundamental formula of gambling.

    There is no doubt in my mind now. This is the trick the cyber-casinos or the slot blackjack machines are using. The random number generator is totally fair, but the casino software is used unfairly!

    Please keep me informed. Please keep accurate records as well, as accurate as you can think of. It would be better to contact IGC and let them know your opinions."

    Ion Saliu
  • I wouldn't doubt that they're doing this. It's within the realm of possibility. I always thought it was pretty obvious that the free demo would be tilted in your favor. But I don't know about generating 3 or 4 dealer hands and then choosing the best one.

    Online Casino's really only have their reputation to trade on, so I am kind of inclined not to believe. The casino would be done for if it was ever revealed that they did this type of thing. Also, what types of checks do these online casino's have? I imagine that ones based in the US, EU, etc have some type of monitoring done.

    I know that the video poker in the casino's is not rigged. The odds are well-known, and they are verified. The code loaded onto the machines are certified at every instance, and then some.

    Also, I don't know why there would be a slow-down when extra hands are generated. Random Number Generators (at least those typically found in embedded devices) literally instantly spit out the numbers. There's little or no processing involved. The only slow-down would if the machine was tight on memory, but a blackjack hand takes up less memory on a computer than a single typed word. Any slow-down from generating extra hands would be pretty much unnoticeable. I can't think of a situation where generating an extra 10 hands in the background would take up any noticeable amount of extra time.

    I'm inclined to believe that it's just people hitting bad streaks and blaming it on being cheated. If you're playing and looking for evidence of bias, then you're going to see it. That's just human nature.

    Online and video blackjack is a negative expectation game. You will lose money playing it. So, don't complain when you lose some!
  • Very interesting and enlightening thread. Quite a while back, I posted my position upon on-line gaming. In essence... NOWHERE to be found is a claim that the software conforms to NEVADA GAMING LAW. Furthermore is the caveat that you are essentially playing "off-shore"... like in the Carribbean. I note that posts here describe what is essentially a "SECONDARY PROGRAM", that is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN under NGL.

    This is due in part that you are playing what amounts to a video game, much like (exactly the same as under NGL) video poker.

    Please note my remarks here are also extended to on-line Texas Hold-em and other so-called poker parlors. They may (some do not BTW) guarantee the Randomness of the pocket pair, but the silence about the FLOP, TURN, and RIVER cards is deafening.

    IMHO... just say NO.
  • To reiterate what Nickels said:

    Online gaming is not the answer. Online gaming is the question.

    "NO" is the answer.
  • Surfteq:

    Try this one at club dice...

    Play craps for real $.

    $2 on dont pass
    $1 on any 7
    $1 on Any Craps
    $1 on YO

    NO OTHER BETS. NO ODDS. $1 bets on come-out rolls only.
    Let us know how this works.

    Sorry, the 12 bet was incorrect, the data shows the Any Craps bets were used. Mea Culpa.
  • Nickels,
    as much as I am "intrigued" by craps, I've never played it, and honestly, I don't have a "clue" about craps, poker, etc...
  • The runs I photoed of the stats using this strategy was quite revealing.

    Of note: there are only 2 ways to lose $ in this scheme. Both involve a point (4,5,6,8,9,10) being thrown on the come-out roll. Needless to say there was a disproportionate amount of losing bets. The shooter would get white-hot, as it forces a $5 loss. Even "7-out" causes a $1 loss. To sum it up the "no point" (2,3,7,11,12) on a come-out roll (the first roll after a point is won or lost, and includes any "no point" thrown thereafter) , all but vanished.

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