BS Cards---Strategy Multiple Decks (8)
  • I have a BS card sold at a Casino that says to stand 4's all the time. (Multiple Deck)

    I recently read an article that states in an 8 deck game a player should split 4's against a dealer's 5 and 6.

    I am a beginner and whould like to know what is the right play.

    I am not a counter.


    Jim Penn
  • The problem is there are many different game rules. For example, can you double after splitting (DAS) or not? And so forth. And each of those affects the BS decisions for that specific game. For a DAS game, split 4's against 5 or 6. If DAS is not in the rules, don't split them. (this for multi-deck games which I assume you wanted.)
  • In addition, 8 decks are in use.
  • Seneca Allegheny

    DOA, DAS, S17, 3/2, and no surrender.

    After rereading your post, I believe I should split 4's against a dealer's 5 & 6. Split 2's and 3's and 7's against a dealer's 2-7.
  • jimpenn - that is correct, and also split 6's vs dealer's 2.
  • jimpenn,

    If you rely on your strategy cards a lot, you should get accurate cards for each game you are going to play. You can get accurate cards from

    BTW, it doesn't matter if you are a card counter or not. A card counter is going to use basic strategy most of the time also.
  • Thanks to everyone for their help. I am going to order a set of cards today from the link above. I have ordered products from this site before and had great service.

    I did order awhile back a set from: Bayview Strategies, LLC, Hattiesburg, MS and never received them...they did charge my credit card. I called the guy today and he said he would get back to me.

    My Brother also wants a set so maybe he will send me the set I paid for on my credit card and never received. $17+

    Again, appreciate responses.

    Jim Penn
  • Why buy cards when you can just print them from a website...

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