Sage Blackjack Simulator ?
  • Is this a good (valid) simulator to practice on? I played 615 hands and for some reason I feel the software programing is not correct. I am a beginner and during the last three hours my total has not varied more than $200 dollars.

    Is there a better BJ simulator online than this one.

    Maybe it's me, but it just don't seem to project a true game.


    Jim Penn
  • Try Casino Verite at
  • As well as Casino Verite I would like to recomend Super Blackjack. It is an excellent tool for learning cardcounting and is a reasonable price.

    Check it out at
  • I don't recommend the Knock-Out Blackjack simulator. It if full of bugs and they don't reply to any technical support issues.
  • Skunk, what is the "Knoct-Out" BJ simulator?

    Thanks, Jim
  • The Knock-Out Blackjack simulator is sold at the site that promotes the KO unbalanced counting system. When I first started learning about advantage play I "rushed out" and purchased this software to help learn the KO system. I'm not at all impressed. It crashes frequently and I truly believe that its simulation feature (which lets you run millions of hands) is faulty to make the KO system appear better than it actually is.

    I think the website is:

    I've since purchased CVCX which is a good simulator and will soon purchase CVBJ from the same vendor
  • Just to balance the thread a little... there is another sim that does contain all of the popular scoring methods at
  • Skunk,

    I also bought this product based on reading about the KO Rookie system.
    Very disappointed in the software. Flaky or what? I also have my doubts about the simulator. This means you cannot have any faith in its figures or the system itself. Best to get Casino Verite and use their OK system which is supposed to be an improvement on the KO method.

    Another pisser is that you have to buy the book if you wish to understand their strategy. The book also has very mixed reviews at amazon.

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