Playing for 'Comps"
  • I play Green Chips/Perfect Basic Strategy...but I don't count. Is it possible to get R&B from any of the Casino's in Las Vegas (Downtown) if I give them 3 four hour session a day?

    Thanks, and any comments would be appreciated.

  • Jim - Sure you can. How much you can get will depend on your unit size and how many hours you play. You can at least get 'casino rate' on your room for fairly low play, especially downtown.

    Talk to a floor man when you get there, get a player's card, and ask him to explain how their comps work. He will gladly tell you.

  • Appreciate response. Will file a trip report on how I do playing BS at various Downtown Casinos. I like a 6D game. Can anyone recommend best playing conditions Downtown and Casino's to avoid?

    Take care, be safe and good cards.

  • My personal choice for both playing and staying downtown is the Nugget.
  • Grifter...Hello & Thanks

    Question...Does the Nugget offer surrender?

    I have CVBJ and when I set the software for their casino it plays as if they offer surrender. I have never played in a game with surrender and constantly making


  • Jim - Yes they do..........Grifter

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