Surrender Option...Multi-Deck Game (6-8)
  • Is it always favorable for the player to play in a multi-deck game that offers surrender if he is a perfect BS player? (Non-Counter)

    In addition, should a BS player always surrender when facing....

    15 vs 10 & 16 vs 9,10,A?

    Thanks, Jim

    If true, what kind of advantage does the player enjoy and why would they play at another casino that dosen't offer it if there is one nearby that does?
  • Compared to NO surrender, its better for the player. Its NOT a gimmick.

    The 4 hands you posted are correct for Basic.
  • Nickels- Just curious.....They don't offer surrender in the places I play
    so, I am wondering, have you seen any games like so: 6 deck, DOA, DAS,
    S17, NRSA and one card only, surrender? I would think that in those
    places that offer surrender, something else is not so good, namely H17 or
    maybe 8 deck.
  • Nickels_n_Bullets said:
    Compared to NO surrender, its better for the player. Its NOT a gimmick.

    The 4 hands you posted are correct for Basic.

    I agree 100% that surrender is a good thing. I am always amazed at how many people do not use it.

    Those same people will always take even money or take insurance. I have been lectured by some all knowing players as to how bad it is. :shock:

    I have had dealers and other players get put out when I do it. I guess they think I am disturbing the flow of cards.

    I have been tempted to ask these people if they would like to pay me to take the hit. :D
  • There are 2 places EXACTLY like your rules right here in CT. But be careful, these two places also offer 8 decks with the same rules.

    AC, NJ offers these same rules w/o surrender.

    In both places, ReSplit to 4 hands (RS4) except Aces: they split once and get 1 card only.

    The key in CT is Penetration. Weekdays you can get 75%+ if you occasionally tip... you will get 70% at least normally. On the weekends, you're lucky to see 2/3 penetration. I have seen 3.5 of 6 many Fri/Sat nites. The 8 deck games are all pretty much 6 of 8... but at foxwoods you can get 6.5 of 8 weekdays, especially at the super7's tables.

    Weekdays open at $10 and stay at $15 until 1PM, after that its essentially a 15/25 joint. Nites basically $25, any time.
  • Yeah chuckn thems the type that should cut 'em a check, and just play for an hour at their own tables. But they prefer cash nowadays, and enjoy company with their misery. ;o)

    A recent sighting... fella with a few too many free beers in him decides to split 5's against a 5. Lucky SOB gets a pair of 6's and 2 faces for them. For 100 each, doubled. And he thought he had 4's. Ce la vie...

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