A,A verses A
  • Potential outcome? I was reading an artice on Throp and I think it said you could never lose with this hand by placing insurance. Did I mix this up, and could someone expain.

    Arrreciate it....Jim
  • Might be wrong... heres a situation where the player can lose. Its based upon the "one card only" rule for splitting Aces, a rule that changed due to Thorps analysis of the particular hand you mention. As well as extinguishing the "Hit Split Aces" that used to occur in the late 50's early 60's.

    Splitting Aces you get A6 and A7 while the dealer shows A9. No BJ, and the house wins both hands.
  • the entire concept seems wrong to me.

    AA vs A, I can insure, and would if the count were high enough (depends on the number of decks in the game). And the dealer could have anything from A-9 under the ace and I lose the insurance.

    Now after splitting, I might only get one card (most places do this) and there are any number of cards that will cause me to lose both hands in addition to the insurance. If the dealer has a 6 hole card, and if the second card is anything like A, 2, 3, 4, 5 I will lose. Even if I can double after splitting on the aces, I can still lose easily enough. Get a 2 on my A, double, get a 10, still got 13... (Note that I have only seen this in the "carnival BJ games" that are not really BJ).

    There must be something else to the discussion that isn't obvious...

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