Getting rated while counting
  • Should card-counters be afraid of using player's club cards (or similar things) at casinos? What I mean is, I'd like to get rated so I can get comps, but I'm not sure it's a good idea to help the house track my every bet, potentially making it easier to identify me as a counter. Thoughts?
  • There is a carrot and there is a stick.

    The carrot is that with a player's card, you get rated, you earn comps, which can be factored into your EV when playing.

    The stick is that if they "make you" you will _really_ be made, because they will have your player's card info, which will make it easy to bar you or back you off of blackjack, and make it stick.

    There are ways to get the carrot, without getting hit by the stick, if you think creatively...

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