Bonus points
  • How does anyone get 30 bonus points in 20 seconds? Am I missing somethiong?
  • Hello Slim....6 months ago I posted a question just like the one you posted. Answer...quicker fingers and hours of practice. To this day, I still can't understand how someone can achieve a 30+ Bonus.

    If you find a way to improve "with a tip"...please, PLEASE email me or post

    I guess you just have to pay your dues.

    Enjoy your day,

    Jim P
  • I was satisfied with just being able to get 100% every time on the difficult level. My highest bonus round was only 14 and I almost threw my mouse against the wall getting that.
  • i am so excited just to get through with 100% the highest bonus i've ever got is 4 LOL
  • Well, a few days ago I received an 18 on the board. It lasted for a very short period because it was at the bottm level replaced by additional players. I was lucky to get it. I came across a series of "stands" that just kept "looking " me in the

    It does take a lot of practice, but just think about the returns. You will be able to competently sit in one of the many savage indian tepee's losing quicker. Now that's one hell of a benefit.

    See you at 19...

    Best, Jim
  • I agree that hours of practice are key. Here is how I broke into the top ten:
    • Played a lot with a printout of the basic strategy chart in front of me. Of course, you won't have time to look at it in the bonus round, but it helped me memorize the right plays.

    • Put the mouse into position so it is faster to make your selections, just sliding across left to right.

    • Anticipate. Usually, you're clicking on "hit" or "stand" so keep mouse arrow nearby. A little luck helps. In a game with more doubles and splits, you will score lower.

  • I thought 36 - 38 points was phenominal and I found it difficult to comprehend how one could score that many points in the bonus round but 56 POINTS!!!!

    How in the world.....
  • I've scored more than 30 bonus points many times. Here are my keys to achieving this.

    - practice practice practice, you must know basic strategy so you don't think, you react;

    - keep your mouse under control and keep it on hit or stand (except when need to double or split), it minimizes the hand movement and saves time;

    - you can rack up many points if you get a lucky draw of consecutive hits or stands in a row;

    - if the cards are 17 or higher (excepting soft 17, 18, and 9's) don't bother looking at the dealers hand;

    - Use your peripheral vision...I usually concentrate on my cards and watch the dealers card out of my peripheral vision. My vision isn't the best (I have histo spots on my retina in my peripheral vision), on good days when I see well, I tend to score well;

    - Don't rush, play within yourself. Many times I've brainfarted away a round trying to rush. Other times it seems that I'm "slow" but I look up and have rung up a 30+ score;

    Have fun!

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