Las Vegas Early Surrender
  • What would be the approximate % of Las Vegas strip and downtown casinos who have early surrender? I would like to play with this option because one of my basic strategy practice programs keeps telling me to do this at certain times. It would be such a waste of time to keep practicing with this particular program if early surrender isn't really available at most hotels. Thanks for your response.
  • Are you sure you don't mean "late surrender"? That is the only surrender option I have seen in several years...
  • I also use the surrender option when the situation calls for it. I have been playing for a few years and I have NEVER seen "early surrender" offerred anywhere. It is always LATE SURRENDER. Most Vegas strip casinos offer late surrender, if any at all. I think that is what you are asking about.
  • I guess it would be late surrendar...sorry. After you have been dealt your two cards and the dealer has his one showing up and the dealer gets around to you for your turn.
  • -offers LS "late surrender" I also heard Circus, Circus and Ceasears may also offer it. I recently played at GN and incorporated it in with my play.
  • Thank you...I know I will be playing at the Golden Nugget and we are staying across the street from Caesars so I'll be playing there too. I have not used surrender before and I'm going to see if it helps me. P.S. I am just a vanilla 100% basic strategy player.

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