goddess of variance
  • Occasionally smiles down on us. ;)

    was visiting family in south Louisiana, and convinced my wife to make a very short detour thru a casino on the way home. Figured I would have about an hour of playing time to avoid getting back home too late. Played a DD game, using my usual spread of 1-8 (a "heavy cover spread" for those that know what that means). Bought in for $200, had a total of $500 on me. Played almost exactly 60 hands, and stopped playing with a total of $1050 in my pocket, a $550 profit for one hour, where a sim says I should be hitting about $20 in that hour.

    The goddess of variance will take her retribution at some future time, of course. But that was not a bad hour at that betting level. basic spread was $5 at TC <= 0, $20 at TC=1, $30 at TC=2, $40 at TC>=3, with "cover" thrown in. Had one place where a pit critter came over to figure out what I was doing, and counted down the discard tray while looking puzzled (the TC was +7, but I had not won a hand and did not increase my bet without winning. turned out to be a good idea... :) I don't play much there as it is out of the way, so it will be a while before they see me again. Next time will be "green time" :)

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