8D ...what is the correct play
  • Player...K,6 verses K

    Count "0"...when playing 8D does a player hit or stand on 16?

    Thanks, Jim
  • For True Count = 0 hit HOWEVER:

    If Running count is + then stand
    If Surrender is allowed always Surrender.
  • Some say if TC=0 or higher stand, but it want matter much because
    you will lose about 75% of the time regardless, hit or stand. That's
    an evasive way of saying at TC=0 do whatever you like........Rub you
    left ear, cross fingers, close eyes, etc

    UCONN, cuse, BC, Kan, OK, and Wake have made a mess of my picks...
    and it looks like more is on the way...WHOOO is MEEEE
  • There is an interesting post on this topic at:

    It shows that there is a measurable difference in 8 deck at a count of exactly 0 (TC or running).

    0.84% difference with 10+6 vs 10.
    0.42% difference with 9+7 vs 10.
  • HHarrison....good article....and Ray, I prefer to scratch my nuts.

    BTW, HHarrison, have you ever lived in SC?

    Thanks and Enjoy the day,

    Best, Jim

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