Counting..What convinced me...
  • I have been practicing for about 6 months with less than a half dozen casino trips. Las time in DT LV I counted for the first time. I couldn't confidently get thru the 3rd deck of a 6D game. But I did well for the first two decks...what I observed and used. Early the first day, I was fresh, fed and playing/counting a 6D...Twice in about an hour I left the table after I had a high low count after 2 deck discards. (-4). Upon returning both times my new second base friend said, "You sure know when to leave, we got crushed." If I continue to improve I will also use this as a starting point when to wong into 6D...Even though I will be playing at this table for an hour, I still want the advantage upon entering. It might mean $1.00 a day, I just want the advantage. Little by little I want to play to an even game without the threat of heat. That's all...Comps will take care of the rest. I can afford a certain percentage of holiday cost and more than happy to pay for the cost of entertainment and "get away."

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