One of those hands
  • Last week sitting in Foxwoods at an eight-decker. I get the Ace and Queen of Diamonds for Blackjack... BUT the Dealer has a Queen of Diamonds showing, and yup, tests for BJ and flips an Ace of Diamonds.

    Later on I get a 4-card 21 only to be tied with a 5-card 21.

    For the day made a $100 (4 chips) and went over to Mohegan scraping another C note out of a few 6-deckers.

    That suited Blackjack tie is going in the note book with the only other one I've seen in 25 years... a suited A-10 of Clubs by Me and Dealer at Bally's Park Place A.C. 1983. I tend not to forget those kind of ties.
  • Correction...I answered YES to identical BJ. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure. Hard
  • At Blackhawk, outside Denver, this gal splits 8's to 3 hands against
    dealer 6. Her next 3 cars were 8,8,8 and the dealer hole card....yes,
    another 8. Try and repeat that with sims.......................
  • In the early days of Mohegan Sun I was once dealt two 7-spades against a Dealer 3, which were split into four 7-spades, which wound up as seven 7's, and the dealer broke. I had one DD, and drew a bunch of junk to the other six hands at $50 per hand (400 total!). Shortly after this, Mohegan Sun went from unlimited splits to 4 hand max. This off the top of my pointy head... and was previously told here way-back. Never seen anything like that before or since.

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