BlackJack & Horse Race Betting...Off-Beat Comparison
  • Both games can be improved with learning. I have been an advantage horse player for the past twenty years. I can understand the problems and frustrations of team play, changing betting decision based on true count and post-time odds of a condender. You have to be there involved in the game and delighted when you see a 80% pen, or a 6 point overlay at the Meadowlands. A smart horse player wins one out of three bets. Actually, just about everyone bats at .333% picking horses. Bottom line is you chose between value horses that have odds greater than 7/2 and, of course, capable of winning race. Lastly, horse player always has option of sitting out race...I know a few gifted Canadian's who will wait 2/3 days to make a play and at the same time saw them make three in one night. Al Stanley...May be the best standardbred player of all time.

    I have found most harness handicappers spend too much time on secondary issues instead of taking the time to learning proper harness racing BS as an example. Invest your time in requirements you don't like to do for a month and you'll see the top of your desk for the rest of your life.

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